Loots & Purchases 17

It's been 3 months since I last purchased any gunpla kits, and now... behold, my first splurge of the year!

TT/GG PG 1/60 Wing Gundam Zero Custom
GoGo MG 1/100 Hi-Nu Gundam Evo
Mcmodel HG 1/144 HWS Nu Gundoom
Daban MG 1/100 Astray Red Frame Kai
Daban MG 1/100 Epyon Gundam
BTF 1/100 GN Sword IV Full Saber
Tamiya Pla-plate set
Mr. Hobby Mr. Masking Sol R

I bought the PG Wing, MG Hi-Nu Evo & MG Epyon from Taobao, while the others were bought from local sellers. I've been searching for the normal TT/GG PG Wing for quite some time, and there is only the Pearl Coating version available everywhere as China stopped production of the normal version at that time. Recently they have started reproducing it again, so I quickly grabbed it before it become scarce again ^_^v. Good news is TT/GG PG RX-178 Mk-II both AEUG & Titans versions are also being reproduced, so grab it while you can!

The MG Hi-Nu Evo is finally released! I mentioned in a post few months back about China is making a snap-fit plastic kit out of a Hi-Nu resin conversion kit, now finally released, and the results is an awesome looking kit! I bought the 1/100 GN Sword IV Full Saber though I don't have a MG 00 Qan[T] yet. The reason is that this kit is a limited release, so I better grab it now than regret later XD. If you didn't already know, Daban is a new China bootleg company that just started business recently, releasing  MG Astray Red Frame Kai as their first bootleg kit, and the second kit being MG Epyon. On a side note, Dragon Momoko is releasing MG Epyon too, but with add-on clear-orange parts for the heat rod. I can't seem to find any Taobao seller which have Mcmodel HWS Gundoom in stock, so I have no choice but to get from a local seller(last unit to boot) at a higher price =(. Lesson learned for not buying a Mcmodel kit when it's just released. 

I also bought a few decals from Samueldecals again.

RG Freedom Gundam decals
MG Zeta Plus decals Ver. 1
MG Zeta Plus decals Ver. 2

Oh yeah, means I finally can make a move on my previous backlogs, though new backlogs are added lololol. WIP of MG Strike Freedom coming soon!

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  1. ini orang kaya punya loots ni. haha.
    btw, Kamen ni. :D