Loots & Purchases 17

It's been 3 months since I last purchased any gunpla kits, and now... behold, my first splurge of the year!

TT/GG PG 1/60 Wing Gundam Zero Custom
GoGo MG 1/100 Hi-Nu Gundam Evo
Mcmodel HG 1/144 HWS Nu Gundoom
Daban MG 1/100 Astray Red Frame Kai
Daban MG 1/100 Epyon Gundam
BTF 1/100 GN Sword IV Full Saber
Tamiya Pla-plate set
Mr. Hobby Mr. Masking Sol R

I bought the PG Wing, MG Hi-Nu Evo & MG Epyon from Taobao, while the others were bought from local sellers. I've been searching for the normal TT/GG PG Wing for quite some time, and there is only the Pearl Coating version available everywhere as China stopped production of the normal version at that time. Recently they have started reproducing it again, so I quickly grabbed it before it become scarce again ^_^v. Good news is TT/GG PG RX-178 Mk-II both AEUG & Titans versions are also being reproduced, so grab it while you can!

The MG Hi-Nu Evo is finally released! I mentioned in a post few months back about China is making a snap-fit plastic kit out of a Hi-Nu resin conversion kit, now finally released, and the results is an awesome looking kit! I bought the 1/100 GN Sword IV Full Saber though I don't have a MG 00 Qan[T] yet. The reason is that this kit is a limited release, so I better grab it now than regret later XD. If you didn't already know, Daban is a new China bootleg company that just started business recently, releasing  MG Astray Red Frame Kai as their first bootleg kit, and the second kit being MG Epyon. On a side note, Dragon Momoko is releasing MG Epyon too, but with add-on clear-orange parts for the heat rod. I can't seem to find any Taobao seller which have Mcmodel HWS Gundoom in stock, so I have no choice but to get from a local seller(last unit to boot) at a higher price =(. Lesson learned for not buying a Mcmodel kit when it's just released. 

I also bought a few decals from Samueldecals again.

RG Freedom Gundam decals
MG Zeta Plus decals Ver. 1
MG Zeta Plus decals Ver. 2

Oh yeah, means I finally can make a move on my previous backlogs, though new backlogs are added lololol. WIP of MG Strike Freedom coming soon!


MG GAT-X105E Lukas's Strike E + IWSP - WIP Part 3

Yo, it's been quite some time since my last WIP post, project kinda delayed due to Chinese Lunar New Year, which I eat, drink, play & sleep all day long XD. I finally completed the body of Strike E, which took longer than expected.

*Front vents below the knee armour are painted silver with Artline silver marker.

*Side vents at the lower thigh side armour are also painted silver. I've applied extra caution waterslide decals by Samueldecal on the sides of knee armour.

*I painted the inner side of the rear thrusters with gold using Artline gold marker. Extra caution decals above the thrusters, using Samueldecal's waterslides.

*I applied extra large GAT-X105E logo decal on the right side of right ankle armour and vice versa on the other. Also waterslide decal by Samueldecal.

I've painted the insides of the ankle armour to simulate inner frame. Colour used are silver with Artline silver marker, and gray with Gundam Marker GM12 Gray.

I've also painted some silver on the inner frame on the upper thigh where the outer armour splits when bent.

*The front vents on the crotch are painted silver while the vents on the front skirt armour are painted yellow(Gundam Marker GM62 Yellow), then filled in black(Gundam Marker GM01 Black). The O.M.N.I. emblem is waterslide decal from Samueldecal while the other 2 are dry transfer decal given in the kit.

*I just detailed the side skirt armour a bit by painting the bolts silver. The decal on it is sticker given in the kit.

*The insides of the rear skirt thrusters are painted in gold. Decals applied are just using dry transfers & stickers provided.

*It's the first time I've tried to paint the insides of skirt armours. Using same colour like what I've used on the ankle armours.

Here's the whole Strike E completed and weathering done.

Now that the body is completed, next up is the IWSP pack and weapons + accessories. This may take some time as there is many parts need to be painted, especially the IWSP pack, where masking will be a pain in the butt =_=. I'm also working on MG Strike Freedom at the mean time but at a slower rate than this kit. Stay tune for the next WIP!


Loots & Purchases 16

Ordered a few decals, now I can finally start other projects~
(after I finished my MG Strike E & MG Strike Freedom, that is lol)

Gundam Decal 20 - MG Zeta Gundam 2.0 (RM20)
Gundam Decal 60 - MG RX-78-2 2.0 Real Type Color (RM20)
Gundam Decal 70 - MG G-Armor (RM20)

I ordered from AF-Hobby with Skynet postage RM8, so total RM68 spent. The price is slightly higher than market price, and with postage this purchase is indeed expensive. However Bandai's decals are rare with hardly any shops selling them. Even if the shop do sell, they don't have much choices, not to mention these 3 I'm looking for is especially scarce. So I have no choice but to pay the extra =(.


MG GAT-X105E Lukas's Strike E + IWSP - WIP Part 2

Happy New 2012 Year!!! I've been utilising the past 2 weeks of my semester break to do as much as I can on my projects, not to mention the hot & dry weather helped a lot too. ^^
I've finished applying decals and topcoat on both shoulder armours and arms. =)

Shoulder armours:

*Front-facing: left piece is right shoulder armour and vice versa. I screwed up a bit on the letter 'E' on the GAT-X105E decal =(. I'll leave it as a sign of battle damage. The GAT-X105E decal is dry transfer decal given in the kit, while the Lukas's signature dog(or wolf) emblem is waterslide decal by Samueldecal.

*Back-facing: I applied O.M.N.I. emblem waterslide decal from Samueldecal on the backside of the right shoulder armour. However it seems less pronounce than I expected because it was silver instead of gray. Even a coat of flat topcoat, as suggested by Samueldecal, didn't make it turns to gray. Guess I just have to live with it. Decal on the backside of left shoulder armour is similar with front side left shoulder armour.

*Only colour some silver with Artline silver marker on the shoulder joint frame, other than that all are plastic colours. Used a combination of dry transfer, stickers & waterslide decals, all following the manual original decal location. With exception added a warning decal salvaged from Bandai MG Strike Freedom waterslide decal on the elbow.

I've done some weathering on the head & torso, using Gundam Real Touch Marker GM406 Black. My first intention was to create shading effect as done by airbrush painting, however it didn't turn out quite well so I switched to weathering instead.

Here's with the shoulder armours & arms weathered and attached to the main body:

I also coloured the inner frame of the shoulder armours in silver, and I forgot to snap a photo of them before attaching to the main body =X. It was a hassle to detach it again so I just went ahead and took this photo, haha

That's all the completed parts I've done on this kit. I've applied decals on the legs and gloss topcoated them, but the weather just have to turn bad on me and I can't flat topcoat them =(. I'm also working on my MG Strike Freedom, stay tune for a WIP post of it and a third WIP post of this kit!


Loots & Purchases 15

Another long MIA, again. I'm not gonna lament over the reasons, let's just say in short I had vacation in Paris for 9 days, then after return was busy preparing for exams.

Back to topic, although this post is under Loots & Purchases, I didn't bought any gunpla kits for the past month, but I did get gunpla kits as my Christmas presents ^^. Well that does consider categorise under loots, though free, haha.
What I got:

RG 1/144 Freedom Gundam
HG 1/144 Ex-S Gundam

How my relatives know which to buy for me? I gave them a list of my wanted gunpla kits within their budget xD. So you may be asking, since I already had the MG Ex-S Gundam, why want the HG too? Simple, I'm such a huge fan of Ex-S Gundam, I want to collect all versions of it xD.

Now these adds more to the already big backlogs, and I haven't been building or painting any kits for the past month. Now that my exams are over and I'm having my semester break, time to catch up on my projects, stay tune!